Health and Safety FAQ
How Dog Owners Can Avoid Being Bitten by a Lawsuit
If you've got a dog, take some simple steps to prevent injuries -- and legal headaches.
Make Notes About Your Accident and Injuries
Writing down the details is far easier -- and more accurate -- than relying on your memory.
Elder Abuse - Possible Indicators of Abuse, Neglect, or Exploitation
The following descriptions are not necessarily proof of abuse, neglect, or exploitation. But they may be clues that a problem exists, and that a report needs to be made to law enforcement or Adult Protective Services.
Landlord Liability: Insurance FAQ
How insurance can help protect a rental property business.
Proving Fault for Defective Product Injuries
If you've been injured by a dangerous consumer product, it's usually not hard to recover compensation for your injuries.
Workers' Compensation FAQ
Traffic Accidents FAQ
Notify People Who May Be Responsible for Your Injuries
If you intend to file a claim for your injuries, it's important to notify potential defendants after the accident.
Proving Fault in Slip and Fall Accidents
These guidelines will help you determine who is responsible if you slip or trip and fall on someone else's property.
Preserve Evidence of Fault and Damages
Act quickly to protect evidence and find witnesses who can help you prove your case to an insurance company.
Charitable Trusts: Tax Breaks for Do-Gooders
Checklist for Getting Your Financial Affairs in Order
Arranging to Donate Your Organs
Choosing a Guardian for Your Children
Choosing an Executor FAQ
Choosing Your Healthcare Agent
Do You Need Life Insurance?
Duty of Medical Personnel to Honor Your Healthcare Directives
Estate and Gift Tax FAQ
Family Members' Right to Inherit
FAQ for Executors
Final Arrangements FAQ
Getting Your Retirement Money Early -- Without Penalty
Get Organized Now
How Durable Powers of Attorney for Finances Work
How Healthcare Directives Work
How Living Trusts Avoid Probate
Is It Time to Change Your Estate Plan?
Leaving Property to Young Children
Life Insurance Options
Married Couples: Who Owns What?
Probate FAQ
Living Trust FAQ
Reducing Estate Tax by Making Gifts
Reducing Estate Taxes by Transferring Ownership of Your Life Insurance Policy
Retirement Plan FAQ
Tax-Saving AB Trusts
The Estate Tax Is Dead (Maybe)
The Executor's Job
Top Myths About Retirement Plans
The Perils of Prepayment Plans
Using Life Insurance to Provide for Your Kids
How Much Automobile Coverage Should I Carry? I Have Been Named Personal Representative/Executor in Someone's Will. How Do I Administer the Estate? What You Can Cover in Your Healthcare Directives
I Am Not a Litigation Minded Person. If I Retain an Attorney, Will I Necessarily Have to Sue the Party Responsible for My Injuries? Is Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage Really an Important Part of My Automobile Policy? What You Can't Do in Your Will
Wills FAQ
I Have Recently Been Involved in an Accident and the Other Driver's Insurance Company Has Contacted Me and Offered to Pay My Medical Expenses. Do I Really Need a Lawyer? Dealing With Unsafe Conditions
Steps to take if you think conditions at your workplace pose a hazard to your health or safety.
Arranging to Donate Your Body
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