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Goldberg & Goldberg is a Maryland law firm that practices estate planning law. We help clients from the Chevy Chase area document how they wish their assets and personal effects to be distributed upon their passing. Our experienced estate planning attorneys can tailor an estate plan to fit your individual needs. We can prepare a will that honors your wishes. We can also discuss whether a trust is appropriate in your situation, as well as what advantages a trust may offer in terms of tax planning or probate administration costs.

Additionally, we can help you designate a representative to make healthcare and financial decisions for you in the event you become incapacitated. A power of attorney appoints an individual to make healthcare decisions for you, while a living will or advance health directive expresses your decision as to the extent of medical intervention that should be taken.

Even if you already have a trust or will, you should periodically review your estate plans and update them as your situation changes. If you recently married, acquired property, had a child, or divorced, you may want to amend your list of beneficiaries. Estate planning may not be a pleasant topic to dwell on, but outlining your final wishes may be one of the most important things you do in your lifetime.

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