Premises Liability

A premises liability claim may arise when an accident or injury occurs to an individual on property owned or maintained by someone else. A case of this nature rests on the duty of the property owner or manager to maintain the property in a safe condition.

Generally, this requires a showing that the landowner or manager was legally responsible for causing the plaintiff’s injury. Legal responsibility may be demonstrated by proving that the defendant was responsible for and caused the dangerous condition or that they knew about the condition with sufficient time but failed to take appropriate action. These may involve slip and fall, elevator, construction site, pool, snow and ice and other accidents.

Other premises liability cases may involve criminal acts committed upon customers, tenants or employees at hotels, parking lots, commercial establishments, apartment houses and other areas maintained by third parties. One of the key issues in these cases is establishing the foreseeability of these criminal assaults and determining what reasonable security measures could have been implemented to prevent or deter these criminal acts.

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