Documenting Your Accident and Injuries Thoroughly

Trust Your Notes, Not Just Your Memory, for Accident Recall

After experiencing an injury, one of the vital steps you should take is to meticulously document all aspects of your accident and the subsequent injuries. Details you record now are indispensable when the time comes to compile a comprehensive demand for compensation. Your penned recollections will serve as a more precise and easier-to-trust resource than the fallible nature of memory.

Goldberg & Goldberg emphasizes the importance of consistent note-taking throughout the duration of your claim process. Moments of sudden recall may strike at any time—during your daily routine or at the least expected times. Ensure you capture these thoughts immediately by jotting them down and adding them to your evolving notes. Below are key elements to focus your note-taking efforts on.

Incident Details

At the earliest moment of clarity, take the time to record all you can recall about the incident—where you were headed, who was with you, the time, weather conditions, and all sensory experiences before, during and right after the event. Document not only your personal experiences but also the comments made by others at the scene, be they involved parties or witnesses.

Injury Log

Starting immediately after your accident, it’s crucial to keep a daily log of the various ways your injuries impact you—detailing all physical pain, emotional distress, sleep disturbances, and other forms of discomfort. These notes are key evidence in your pursuit of fair compensation, capturing impacts that might fade from memory over time. This thorough documentation aids not only in crafting your demands but also assists your healthcare providers in understanding the full extent of your injuries.

Financial and Personal Losses

Beyond physical injuries, you’re likely to face economic and personal losses as a result of the accident. Start documenting these immediately — lost work hours, missed job opportunities, classes, social engagements, and other events you had to forgo. Such documentation is invaluable when you are seeking compensation for the full spectrum of loss incurred due to the accident.


Make it a point to note the specifics of each conversation related to your accident or claim—including date, time, participants, and the essence of the discussion. This applies to interactions with witnesses, insurance representatives, medical staff, and others involved in your case.

Proactive Steps Forward

In some instances, revisiting the accident scene for additional notes, photographs, or to locate potential witnesses may be beneficial to fortify your case.

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